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Sram Eagle Transmission

SRAM Eagle Transmission

SRAM has been a major player in the bike component industry for years, and their latest offering, the Eagle AXS Transmission, is a game-changer. This revolutionary groupset combines wireless electronic shifting with a wide gear range, providing unmatched performance and convenience for mountain bikers. In this review, we'll take a closer look at the SRAM Eagle AXS Transmission and what makes it stand out from other groupsets on the market.

Design and Features

The SRAM Eagle AXS Transmission is a 12-speed groupset that features wireless electronic shifting and a wide gear range. The transmission includes the SRAM XX1 Eagle crankset, which has been upgraded with a power meter. The shifting is controlled by the SRAM AXS controller, which is mounted on the handlebar and communicates with the derailleur wirelessly. The controller can be programmed to the users’ preferences as to which button does what through the SRAM AXS app. Sram Transmission drivetrain utilizes a direct mount, hanger-less derailleur, which is compatible with Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH) bikes.

One of the key features of the SRAM Eagle AXS Transmission is a 10-52T cassette range which is carried over from previous Sram offerings, this provides an incredibly wide gear range which allows riders to tackle steep climbs and fast descents with ease, without having to sacrifice gear ratios. The cassette is made from high-strength steel and features a unique design that allows for better shifting performance and increased durability compared to Sram’s Original AXS Groupset.


The SRAM Eagle AXS Transmission is a high-performance groupset that delivers reliable and consistent shifting under any condition. The wireless shifting is incredibly responsive, and the controller can be programmed to control both the front and rear derailleurs with a single button press. The power meter integrated into the crankset is also a great addition for riders who want to track their performance.

The Type-3 roller bearing clutch in the derailleur ensures that the chain tension remains consistent, even on rough terrain. This eliminates chain bounce and chain slap, which can cause noise and damage to the bike frame. The Eagle AXS Transmission also has a carbon fiber cage and titanium hardware, which helps reduce weight and increase durability.


The SRAM Eagle AXS Transmission is a game-changer for mountain bikers. The wireless electronic shifting and wide gear range provided by the 10-52T cassette make it an incredibly versatile groupset that can handle any terrain.

The SRAM Eagle Transmission has received positive reviews from a variety of sources. Reviewers have praised its smooth and reliable shifting, wide gear range, and precise chain management. As with the previous AXS system, Transmission has also received praise for its wireless shifting technology, which eliminates the need for cables and allows for easier customization of shift patterns.