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Delium Tire Technical Information

Delium Tires Logo

Delium Tires, founded in 1956, they began producing bicycle tires and tubes in 1970. They slowly progressed into manufacturing everything from Motorcycles to Agricultural equipment. Delium, in recent years, decided to make it a mission to produce a high-performance Mountain Bike tire range at an incredible value.

As high-performance Mountain Bike tire prices have climbed to and exceeded the $100 a tire price point, Delium offers tires priced based on Casing / use-type starting at just $38 a tire! Delium has also streamlined their lineup to just four Tread types and three casing types to keep production time and cost down.

Delium Tires was awarded Pink Bike’s “Mountain Bike Value Product of the Year” for 2021

Pink Bike Mountain Bike Value Product of the Year Winner

Delium Tires utilizes three different casing, or construction types across their range of tires while offering four separate Tire types meant for different disciplines or riding styles which all offer overlap across the lineup. Note that not all tire type and casing type configurations are available. We’ll run through the Construction Types here per Delium’s own documentation.


Ideal for XC and Light Trail riding, the Light construction features a lightweight casing developed to optimize rolling resistance. It has great durability and still provides sidewall cut protection where it’s most needed.

Delium Tire Light Construction


Ideal for Trail & Enduro disciplines, the All-Round construction incorporates our advanced technology to offer the best balance between grip and rolling resistance, as well as durability and protection.

Delium Tire All-Around Construction


Ideal for Enduro & Gravity disciplines, the Reinforced construction incorporates our best technology to offer you maximum grip and protection while still maintaining a competitive weight.

Delium Tire Reinforced Construction