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Budget Forks

Solid Performance while leaving money for Post-Ride Tacos!

In a world of $1,000+ Ultimate Factory mega Performance Forks, we seem to forget about the budget segment. A large portion of the performance of flagship forks can be had and enjoyed for a fraction of the cost. Here we're going to run through a few of our favorites and provide some comparison data so you can get the most cost-effective solution for your rig!

There are more affordable solutions no matter what type of riding you plan on doing. From various stanchion sizes, travel ranges, and damper types. You may be surprised by how many Budget Friendly options are out there.

With these Budget Friendly options, we'll see simpler Dampers and Adjustment options, lower-cost materials, and increased weight. These Budget forks offer a majority of their flagship counterparts' performance, yet stick to a simpler "Set it and Forget it" type of adjustment strategy to maintain their pricepoint.

Marzocchi Bomber

Marzocchi Bomber Fork

Looking back on Mountain Bike Suspension, originally, they were much simpler. Less complicated with Less adjustments and the only important thing was just getting out there and riding. All of us trail shredders can now sleep easier knowing that Marzocchi has revived this pure, simple, set it and forget it fork that fits our competitive price point. 

The Bomber series of forks are built on a similar chassis and damper system as the more popular Fox line of forks and like those offerings from Fox, the Bomber series earns their namesake by being not only low maintenance but highly durable to take on whatever your adventure throws at it! 

Key Features

• Stiff 34mm chassis for precise steering and traction
• Low maintenance Rail Damper for intuitive compression adjustment
• Simple rebound adjustment for the set-and-forget rider
• Available in both Black and Red Stanchions
• Travel options from 140-150mm (27.5), 100-140mm (29)
• 44mm Rake with an option of 51mm in the 29er version


Rockshox Recon

Rockshox Recon Fork

Arguably the best "Bang for your Buck" fork out there. The Recon is optimized for chassis stiffness and performance with the budget minded rider in mind. Using quality, low cost materials and a simplistic and proven damper system the Recon packs a punch well above its price point. 

The Recon series of Forks offers a wide range of Travel, offset, and compatibility options allowing it to fit most any Trail or Crosscountry oriented bike available. These forks are fantastic replacements for entry level bikes that come from the factory with an unadjustable coil fork.

Key Features

• Lightweight 32mm chassis for nimble handling
• Lightweight tuneable Debonair airspring
• Simple Motion Control damping with Low speed compression adjust
• Available in both Tapered and Straight steerer tube
• Available in both QR as well as Standard and Boost Thru-axles
• Travel options from 80mm to 140mm
• 37mm and 46mm Rake in 27.5 and of 42mm and 51mm in the 29er version


Manitou Markhor

Manitou Markhor Fork

The Manitou Markhor, named after a large wild goat, handles the terrain just like one! Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you can't ride a suspension fork that gives you excellent, smooth control. The Markhor is a no-nonsense, budget-friendly fork with some serious performance. 

It features an adjustable air spring with a KwikToggle damper that allows you to quickly switch between fully open and fully locked out with the flip of a switch. It’s available in multiple wheel sizes, QR & Boost Thru-Axles

Key Features

• Lightweight 30mm chassis for nimble handling
• Lightweight tuneable TS airspring
• Simple Kwick Toggle damping with Low speed compression adjust
• Available in both Tapered and Straight steerer tube
• Travel options from 80mm to 120mm
• 38mm in 26in 41mm or 44mm in 27.5 and 48mm or 51mm in 29er version