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Cane Creek DBIL Gen 2


Cane Creek has just announced the release of two new rear shock models: the Air IL and Coil IL. Designed for use with a variety of mountain bikes, these shocks are meant to provide riders with a high-performance and reliable suspension system, the new Air IL and Coil IL shocks packing class leading performance in a smaller and stronger package.

IL shocks feature class leading externally adjustable DB Twin Tube technology that has extensive adjustability thanks to the widest range of 4-way damping adjustability on the market. Both AIR IL and Coil IL now feature a thicker inner damper tube for increased strength and a 17mm reduction in overall width on the valve body to increase fitment possibilities on tight frames.

Cane Creek DBIL Coil Gen 2

The Air IL shock features a lightweight design, thanks to its air-spring system, which allows riders to adjust the shock's compression and rebound settings to suit their individual preferences. It also features a new seal design that reduces friction and extends the shock's lifespan. AIR IL features a 6mm reduction in the outer diameter of the Air spring to further increase the likelihood of fitment while increasing the max psi pressure up to 350psi (Up from 300psi).

The Coil IL shock, on the other hand, uses a coil-spring system that provides a more consistent feel throughout its travel. It also has a wider range of adjustment options, allowing riders to fine-tune their suspension for optimal performance.Coil IL features added detents on the preload collar allow more precise preload tuning. Hand-assembled and individually dyno-tested in our Western North Carolina facility, IL shocks continue to provide a level of quality, performance and rider benefit that is unmatched.

Both shocks feature Cane Creek's proprietary "IL" (interlok) technology, which uses a specially designed bushing to improve shock performance and reduce friction. Additionally, they both have a four-way adjustability system that allows riders to fine-tune their suspension settings for various trail conditions and riding styles.

According to Cane Creek's product manager, these new shocks were designed to provide riders with the best possible performance and versatility. "We wanted to create a set of shocks that could be used on a wide range of bikes and by riders of all skill levels," he said. "With the Air IL and Coil IL, we've achieved that goal and more."

The Air IL and Coil IL rear shocks are now available for purchase from Cane Creek's website and authorized dealers worldwide. Both shocks come in a variety of sizes to fit different bikes and are backed by Cane Creek's two-year warranty.



$629.99 (Air) $579.99 (Coil)

+/- 385g* (Air - 210) *varies by size
+/- 280g* (Coil - 210) *without spring, varies by size

Twin-tube independent compression and rebound in two high-speed and two low-speed damping circuits

High speed compression & rebound Low speed compression & rebound Climb Switch

50.5mm valve body, 51mm air spring

Hand assembled in Fletcher, NC




Air Coil Air Trunnion Coil Trunnion
BAD2615 190x40 BAD2603 190x40 BAD2612 165x40 BAD2600 165x40
BAD2616  190x42.5 BAD2604 190x42.5 BAD2613 165x42.5 BAD2601 165x42.5
BAD2617 190x45 BAD2605 190x45 BAD2614 165x45 BAD2602 165x45
BAD2621 210x50 BAD2609 210x50 BAD2618 185x50 BAD2606 185x50
BAD2622 210x52.5 BAD2610  210x52.5 BAD2619 185x52.5 BAD2607 185.52.5
BAD2623 210x55 BAD2611 210x55 BAD2620 185x55 BAD2608 185x55