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Orbea Bicycles: A Brief History

The Beginnings of Orbea

A Passion for Bicycles

Orbea was founded in 1840 by the Orbea brothers who were passionate about bicycles. They initially started as a weapons factory but eventually changed their focus to bicycles because of their increasing popularity in the late 19th century.

A Family Business

From generation to generation, the Orbea family continued to manage the business with a strong commitment to quality and innovation. They were always willing to take risks and innovate on conventional bike design.

Craftsmanship and High-Quality Design

Orbea's bicycles were recognized for their high-quality craftsmanship and unique design, reflecting the company's commitment to innovation, design, and functionality.

Innovative Production Methods

Orbea never stopped pushing boundaries. They were one of the first companies to use aluminum in bike frames and developed new production methods to allow custom-built bikes to be made on assembly lines, which made quality bikes available and affordable for more people.


Evolution and Growth

Bikes for All Tastes and Disciplines

Orbea evolved and expanded their product line, creating bicycles for all tastes and disciplines, from road to mountain to track and even e-bikes. They offer quality bikes with an innovative design that fit every type of rider, need, and budget.

An International Brand

Orbea became an international brand and was recognized around the world for its high-quality bicycles. They continued to innovate, and in 1991 released the first full-suspension mountain bike, the Orbea Rallon.

The Orbea Academy

The Orbea Academy was inaugurated in 2006, bringing together a community of cyclists who shared the same passion and offered them training to improve their technique and skills.

The Orbea Factory

In 2009, Orbea opened a new factory in China, which allowed them to expand their production capacity and logistical capabilities.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Euskaltel-Euskadi Cycling Team

Orbea formed a partnership with the Euskaltel-Euskadi cycling team in 1994 and continued to be the official bike sponsor until 2013. The collaboration lead to Orbea making some of the most successful racing bikes in history.

Helen Wyman

Orbea's partnership with cyclocross star Helen Wyman from 2008 to 2018 helped them to develop and improve their CX line, and led to the development of the Terra carbon cyclocross bike.

Enduro World Series

The Orbea Enduro Team participated in the Enduro World Series, achieving great results and pushing the limits of what was thought possible on bikes.

Triathlon and Ironman Events

Orbea has also been involved in the triathlon and Ironman events since the early 1990s, working with some of the best athletes in the world to design and develop innovative products.


Innovations and Technologies

Carbon Fiber Technology

In 2005, Orbea began producing their own carbon-fiber composite frames, resulting in lighter, stiffer, and stronger bikes. This pioneering technology was used in all of their models, from mountain bikes to road bikes to electric bikes.

Monocoque Technology

In 2013, Orbea debuted the Orca, a new bike model with a unique monocoque frame design that reduced weight and increased stiffness and comfort while improving aerodynamics.


Orbea introduced MYO (My Own) in 2019, allowing customers to customize their bikes with their own design and components. They could choose from a variety of colors, designs, and components to build a bike that was truly their own.


Orbea Bicycles Model Comparison


The Orca is a premium racing bike made for serious road racers. It boasts a sleek design and is built for maximum speed and agility.
We use the most technologically advanced carbon construction available to make the most sophisticated frame possible – A complex and painstaking process with results you will appreciate in the saddle.


Grab your Avant and fill your bottles before rolling out on your afternoon ride. No other machine can better help you enjoy the exhilaration of road cycling. The speed, freedom and the views offered by quiet roads are all included free with every Avant - and you love it.


Gravel is a universe of different users and terrains. For that reason Terra is a complete platform with different models in aluminium and carbon, offering the most inclusive solutions that won’t leave anyone indifferent.


The Orbea Gain was introduced in 2018, a revolutionary e-bike that combines assistance with a natural riding experience. The motor is housed in the rear hub for a compact design that is both elegant and functional.


The Keram is an electric bike that is perfect for urban commutes and weekend adventures. Its powerful motor and comfortable ride make it an ideal choice for those looking to explore their city or go on longer rides without breaking a sweat.


Take control. Don't accept compromises. Oiz isn't down-country or trail; this is a 120mm XC race machine that looks as good as it rides. Modern geometry and clever suspension, designed from the start around 120mm, bring extra fun to every ride without compromising weight or efficiency. Simply put, Oiz is the fastest XC bike to leave our factory in over 180 years.


Laufey is our most clever and versatile bike. Instead of saying that Laufey is tailored for one type of rider, we’re going to go ahead and claim this fun-loving machine is perfect for everyone. Laufey is omnipotent: it’s a slack, simple trail bike that relishes new terrain. Laufey may be someone’s first bike or their latest bike. It’s inexpensive and attainable, and it’s a niche bike that feels at home in even the most exclusive bike collection. It’s for first timers and expert shredders. Ride it in lycra, shred it in jeans. Laufey is a jack-of-all-trades and master of fun with 29” wheels and a 140mm fork.


The Occam is a versatile and lightweight full suspension mountain bike. It is agile and responsive on technical terrain and smooth on descents, making it an excellent choice for those who love to hit the trails.


Rallon was forged on the racecourse and is the obvious choice of our EWS race team, but Rallon is always ready for fun outside of the tape and loves fast laps with friends, high-5´s and near misses. Fearless, Rallon is up for hitting the biggest gaps in the park, smashing berms, and scorning braking bumps. Forget limits, forget distractions, just focus on fast.


Rise shook up the lightweight e-MTB world on its launch with its “more bike, less E” philosophy. Simply the most natural feeling ebike on the market, bringing riders closer to the trail and shattering expectations about how an ebike should ride.


We could tell you how Wild has the most powerful motor or battery capacity on the market. But we aren't going to. Wild takes us beyond such trivialities and into a world beyond power, where the ride is paramount, where the trails are endless and full of flow. Leave heavy, numb e-bikes behind and free your Wild.


Awards and Recognition

Design and Innovation Awards

Orbea's bicycles have won numerous awards for their innovative design and technology, including the coveted Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award, and Eurobike Award.

Top 100 Cycling Brands

Orbea has been consistently ranked in the top 100 Cycling Brands by influential organizations like Cycling News and, among others.

Vuelta a España Stage Wins

Orbea bikes have won numerous stages of the Vuelta a España and other prestigious bike races in Europe and around the world.


The Future of Orbea Bicycle

Research and Development

Orbea is continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in bike design and technology. Their research and development team is always working on new ways to improve their products and meet the ever-changing needs of cyclists.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Orbea recognizes the importance of protecting the environment and promoting social responsibility. They are committed to sustainable business practices and giving back to their local community and beyond.

The Power of Community

Orbea values its relationships with customers and is dedicated to building a strong and supportive community of cyclists. They are always looking for ways to connect with their customers and provide the best possible experience.