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We are a full service repair shop offering Tune-ups, small and major repairs, custom builds and upgrades.

From road to mountain, hybrid to kids we carry a wide variety of new and pre-owned cycles to fit everyones  needs



If your bike is in need of any new parts, we have a full inventory of replacement parts and accessories to get your bike feeling new again.


Just visiting and didn't bring your bike? Whether you need a hybrid bike or a mountain bike, a bike rack or a helmet we have you covered.



From the pacific northwest comes a brand that is more than just innovation in the bicycle industry. They are a company of passionate riders pushing for freedom and empowerment of the bicycle and the rider. Whatever your needs are Kona makes the perfect bike. Check them out at:http://www.konaworld.com/

Intense was born in the heyday of American mountain bike racing, in the mid- 90’s when the NORBA circuit was a summer-long traveling circus as important and well-attended as World Cups, and when legends were created. Personalities like Shaun Palmer,Leigh Donovan, and Michael Ronning were superstars of the sport and helped launch the M1 into the limelight.

Later, Chris Kovarik joined Intense and began a new chapter of racing history when he dominated World Cup podiums and set the record for the biggest gap between gold and silver that still stands today, fifteen years later. Intense continued to push the envelope of bike design with the M3, M6 and M9.

Beginning in 1979 with the famous Earth Cruiser, Jamis Bicycles got their start in the cycling world. And now after 38 years Jamis makes a full line of  quality Mountain, Road and Hybrid bikes with a mindset to make better lives for everyone on 2 wheels. Check them out at 




Matt Steward grew up in Orlando, Florida. Even in his high school days, he enjoyed tinkering with bikes in his garage. At the age of 18 he moved to St. Augustine, Florida and began working at a bike shop there. Even though he dabbled in various other mechanical jobs, he always put in hours at the bike shop, eventually returning there full-time. He was given the position of operational coordinator and was dubbed "employee of the year" by his bosses.

Matt was visiting his in-laws for Christmas when he noticed there wasn't a bike shop in Sanford. The idea was born. Within a month, business plans were being made and dreams were coming alive. 

Passion, drive, and a general love for bikes and people runs through his veins and it runs through his shop as well.



210 N Park Ave

Sanford FL 32771



Tel: 407-416-7200



Tues -Sat: 10:00-6:00

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